Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Inside Gay Unions on Tom Ashbrook's On Point

I was interviewed by Tom Ashbrook on gay and lesbian relationships on his show "On Point" on NPR.

Inside Gay Unions Aired: Wednesday, June 18, 2008 11-12PM ET

It may be beautiful, but everybody knows marriage isn't easy.

Who pays the bills?

Who works or stays home?

Who unloads the dishwasher?

So what about gay marriage?

Gay partnerships?

Yesterday, California was ringing with gay wedding bells, on its first full day of legal gay marriage. But gay marriage is not new anymore. Civil unions and long-term gay commitments have been around even longer. So how does it work, day to day, down in the weeds, when it's not "his and hers" but "his and his" or "hers and hers"?

This hour, On Point: Gay marriage, and how it actually works.

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Mac said...

Gay unions can teach all of American society a lot about what constitutes a *real* realtionship. Because gays have been literally shoved out the door of many US religions, they have had to make their own way. Rejection can be painful, but in this case, it also can be a blessing. There's a story in David McWhirter's "The Male Couple" that illustrates this. On page 250, Albert says "My parents were faithful to each other, and I expected us to be the same. Then Jacob's eyes started wandering . . . ." Later, Jacob says: "I did go out with the guy after Albert told me I had to do what I had to do. I sneaked in that evening about 9 P.M. and found Albert waiting up with a dozen red roses for me. He could have done anything else, hit me, cried, screamed, been angry, but when he gave me the roses and a big hug I got his message in big neon lights." Now THAT'S true love! Mac (

Joe Kort said...

Nice posting thank you Mac!