Sunday, April 12, 2009 drops rankings from "adult" and "erotica" books

I just learned from twitter from author, radio host and columnist Michelangelo Signorile's posting that has dropped rankings for many LGBT books considering them "adult" and "erotica".

There is an article in the LA Times

This is an outrage! My books are all professional and written to educate people on gay issues much of which is NOT sexual.

I am noticing that books for heterosexuals are still being ranked which include sexuality such as:

Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel is still ranked by Is this targeting LGBT books primarily?

Even if it isn't, this isn't right. All professionally written books deserve rankings to show how well a book is doing.

It is homophobic for to decide that a book on gay issues is sexual simply for being written by and for LGBT audiences.

What do people think????

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Sarah said...

Hello Joe,

Read your newsletter. First of all, hope Mike feels better. Second of all let me share my last experience going to a well known "straight restaurant" in St Clair Shores with my girlfriend... We are having a great time , eating dinner (maybe lesbian shouldn't eat ;)), talking, not much of public display because we are lesbians and we are in a straight environnement... They played music and I decided to dance with the woman I am with... and I can feel we are being watched like we have such a bad we decided to leave and at the door a group of guys -mature ages- were waiting for us, calling us very bad names, being very rude to my girlfriend, looking at me saying what a waste... Now I am afraid to go to my car ... Since when should I be afraid to walk to my car because of who I am, it is April 2009?? Your country Joe amazes me (and I sure love your country), we talked about that advanced in technology, wealth etc and so behind about human rights...With no doubt I would be protected because I am a human being for many things but some of my rights, your rights would be rejected because of my of your sexuality... Hospital, restaurant, grocery store, school it does not matter, if you are gay in most of the states in USA you are an outsider. The land of Freedom?? Thats right I can not be killed for being gay I can just be denied , that is our freedom. I am sorry Joe for what happened to Mike and for you to experience rejection...At this moment I feel frustrated and mad however It will not make me give up just want to fight more . What a shame! Oh and one more thing how ignorant for anybody to waste their time to reply in the blog "maybe Joe Kort is or acted like a woman" Yea I forgot "freedom of speech" and let me add "freedom of ignorance and stupidity"....We are where we are because of you kind of people and don't dislike you just feel sorry for you.

Love and Light. Sarah.