Saturday, February 6, 2010

Metro Detroit sex addicts are finding help

PATRICIA ANSTETT: 313-222-5021 or

Specialists who treat sex addiction say the problem begins there, then spirals
out of control until the pursuit of sex becomes so compulsive that it can
destroy lives, pose health risks to people and their partners, and cause major
financial or legal problems

The needs keep growing

As with
any addiction, the needs grow. A sex addict spends large parts of a day or week
planning and engaging in sexual activities. It makes them take risks and do all
kinds of things they may not once have considered, including same-sex hookups
and sex in public places, putting them at risk for getting arrested and charged,
said Royal Oak sex therapist Joe Kort, who has studied with Carnes for more than
a decade.

Although therapy takes time, "it's quite treatable," Kort
said. The Woods story, he said, forces people "to look at their behaviors and
feel a sense of shame and understand, 'I could be hurting somebody. This could
happen to me if it happens to Tiger Woods.' "

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