Friday, August 3, 2007

Elizabeth Hasselbeck from The View on marriage for gays

Elizabeth Hasselbeck from "The View" makes some great points about why gays should be able to marry.

1. For the children.

Children deserve a couple in a committed relationship.

Did you know that in Michigan and some other states, you cannot adopt as a gay couple. You have to adopt as a single person. If people insist on two parents than how could can this be logical that as a lesbian or gay person you cannot be a couple to adopt a child? Insane!

2. For hospital rights and visitations.

Did you know that if you are not legally married you do not have rights within a hospital setting to be in the room with the patient because you are not family.

3. Marriage is a covenant between two people.

4. Civil Unions only provide a certain amount of rights.

The couple does not receive the 1300 and more Federal rights that heterosexuals have. If one partner dies there will not be social security benefits of the other because that is a Federal law privilege not a civil law one.

THANK YOU Elizabeth.

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