Monday, August 13, 2007

Mixed Marriages: Interfacial Couples in Different Cute-gories!

A humorous essay was written in in Time Magazine called, When Your Spouse is Hotter than You by BELINDA LUSCOMBE an editor with Time Magazine on April 26, 2007.

The author talks about the discrimination couples face when one partner is more attractive than the other partner. While this article is in jest, it also should be taken seriously in terms of the prejudice that exists for these couples.

Luscombe writes:

I've been in a mixed marriage for a decade and a half now and gotten used to the stares and nudges. I've even developed a couple of airy responses to the inevitable comments that arise from co-workers and friends along the lines of "Um, your husband is so hot..." Sometimes I go with "Oh, that's not my husband--that's my twin brother," and other times a dismissive "Yeah, but back in Australia I'm considered a great beauty. It's Nicole Kidman who's the hag." Each time, it hurts just a little less.

Like so many in my situation, I didn't mean to intermarry. It wasn't that I had ideas above my station; it was just that I was young and naive enough to think love would conquer all. Also, to be perfectly frank, I didn't think he was that hot. That's what makes this type of discrimination particularly insidious: it's not clear that couples have transgressed against hotness-equality laws until they're already married.

Nobody minds if you date outside your tribe, and people applaud an ambitious play for the hubba-hubba human across the room, but--as my brothers and sisters in the gay community have found--there's a world of difference between what people will accept in the innocent suburbs of hooking up and the judgmental metropolis of marriage.There is even an Urban Dictionary definition.


John said...

It's all about sucker-fish, not "interfacial".

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