Sunday, October 28, 2007

Could a newborn baby be gay?

The “Tuscan initiative”, sponsored by Italy's equal opportunities ministry, promotes a billboard advertising campaign which uses a photo of a baby to express its message concerning homosexuality.

Baby Used in Homosexual Ad Campaign - Vatican Objects
By Deacon Keith Fournier

My question as a gay man and gay therapist is, "What is wrong with considering babies and children as gay or lesbian?"

The article is about the Vatican objecting to an ad against discrimination of homosexuality showing a baby wearing a hospital bracelet.

The hospital bracelet worn by the newborn bears the French word
"homosexuel" in the place where the child’s name would normally be placed to
tell the waiting world of his or her identity. The campaign slogan is
orientation is not a choice."

The Vatican and others are criticizing it including a gay man himself:

Yet, Gianni Vattimo, well known postmodern philosopher, a self professed
homosexual, is critical of the advertising campaign. In an interview with
daily "Corriere della Sera"newspaper he questioned the idea that
is genetic. As for the billboard campaign, he said "The
initiative is in bad
taste, in fact they've made a mess of it."

The reason anyone would think this is in bad taste is that no one likes to think of children as already being homosexual and later coming out as gay.

My thoughts are that it is because when people hear the word gay they only hear gay adult sex. They don't consider homosexuality as anything other than sexual. But when we think of children being straight we don't think of them in adult sexuality terms. We think of them being romantic and cute with opposite gender peers and teachers.

"Do you have a crush on Mrs. T?" we ask a kindergarten boy.

"Do you like Bobby in class?" we ask the first grade girl.

This usually means something romantic and sweet not sexual! So why do people think of gay children as sexual and not sweet?

What do people think of this? Why is this?


feetxxxl said...

absolutely, homosexuality isnt a way of life..........homosexuality is a life.

tom said...

I think religion is screaming and yelling about this because it invalidates bible passages comdemning homosexuality.
In other words, if we are born gay, it means "god" made us that way!

feetxxxl said...

that is not true. scripture has never declared homosexuality a sin. it is man that has declared that scripture says that homosexuality is a sin.

there is nothing in the new testament that declares homosexuality a sin. sins commited in the commission of same sex acts in romans no more condemns homosexuality than the incestial rape of 2 samuel condemns heterosexuality.

in leviticus many of the prohibiitions of themselves were not sins, such as prohibitions against wearing same mixed fabric, eating shellfish, and doing household chores on the sabbath....

num 15: 32 While the Israelites were in the desert, a man was found gathering wood on the Sabbath day. 33 Those who found him gathering wood brought him to Moses and Aaron and the whole assembly, 34 and they kept him in custody, because it was not clear what should be done to him. 35 Then the LORD said to Moses, "The man must die. The whole assembly must stone him outside the camp." 36 So the assembly took him outside the camp and stoned him to death, as the LORD commanded Moses.

there were also regulations supporting institutions that are today considered evil and a sin...such as slavery..... which because of conditions of that time, was a legitmate method for the disribution of wealth and power.

at this time, men only sexually bonded with that which was his property..........propety being women. the jews prohibited the enslavement of a jew by another jew. having children from many wives and concubines was critical to survival of the family, and the nation of isreal.

tom said...

Pardon me for the lack of clarity in my statement.

I should of put the words "religious claims" in my first sentence.

For the records, I am a gay athiest so you're preaching to the choir.

feetxxxl said...

believer or no believer,i born after my mother 2 years earlier had given birth to still born. for the first year i was showered with affection. after the first year, i was pushed away and no longer given tactile affection. the reason, they believed to do so would have made me into a homosexual.

my father even when i was an adult had problems even with a simple hug.

even though i have lived a heterosexual life, the shadow of homophobia has effected my life.

in the churh, even though hugs are permissible among believers, there is a shadow of homophibia that hangs over attempts of fellowship between males.

when one's shackles are broken ...........all our shackles are broken. when one is liberated..... all are liberated.

Minnie said...

Interesting to know.