Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Harry Potter comes out of the closet!

Dumbledore is gay.

Now that Dumbledore is out of the closet in a children's book, what are people going to do?

This is an important conversation people are going to be having openly gay characters in a children's book.

The question is, "What is wrong with that?"

How can this affect children in any other way than positive? I hope the debate starts a conversation around the world that it is okay for children not only to know about and be around homosexuality but that it is okay if they are gay too.

Children struggling with whether or not they might be gay or have parents who are gay and even just hearing about others who are gay will now have a positive reference to consider.
The worst I can see happening? That homophobia starts falling away with this young generation reading children's books that include homosexuality.

Harry Potter fans' favorite magical, wand-wielding headmaster is gay, says the series' author, and as it turns out, many bookworms don't love him any less because of it.

Parents around the country told ABCNEWS.com that when their children heard the news that professor Albus Dumbledore — who was also Potter's mentor — was gay, most of them shrugged it off. To read more go to Dumbledore is gay

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